This agreement is made and executed on 5th OCT 2016 with M/s. ……………………… P. O.Box: ……,., UAE, referred as FIRST PARTY (Employer) and agrees as follows.

Mr. ________________________________ holder of Nepalese passport No. _________ hereinafter referred as SECOND PARTY (Employee).

Whereas the SECOND PARTY has been offered employment with the FIRST PARTY as a and where as the SECOND PARTY has been accepted the same it is hereby agreed as follows:

  1. The SECOND PARTY will be paid a Basic salary of DHS/QAR/SR per month such as Salary being payable in arrears.

  2. The FIRST PARTY shall provide the SECOND PARTY free food, accommodation, transportation, insurance (Workmen’s Compensation Insurance) and medical in government hospital.

  3. The FIRST PARTY shall not charge the cost of visa, medical and Emirates ID and also will provide joining and returning ticket to the SECOND PARTY..

  4. Contract period will be two years and overtime will be as per UAE/Qatar/KSA’s Labor laws.

  5. The SECOND PARTY will be entitled to get 30 days leave after two years continuous services and free ticket provided by company.

  6. During the contract period the SECOND PARTY shall not accept any other part time work in other person’s establishment or organization.

  7. Working hours will be 8 hours, 6 days week and 26 days in month.

  8. All other terms and conditions that are not mentioned here shall be provided as per UAE/Qatar/KSA’s Labor law.



The First Party (Employer):                                                                         The Second Party (Employee):

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